2017 Masters Degree Show 

     Glasgow School of Art

2017 Trim, RGI Kelly Gallery Glasgow

2015 Emergence Edinburgh Sculpture Studio

2014 Love + the Art of Retrieval The Gallery Elgin

2014 RSA New Contemporaries Edinburgh

2013 undergraduate Degree Show Moray School of Art

                Love + the Act of Retrieval    

    An exhibition with artists Caroline Inckle and Naomi Ojima,  


                       From dreaming of Oneness

                             meet with the physicality of life

              rest on the grass and know all has been accounted for

                          experience meeting the world in its colour

                                         kiss me quick

                                then rest a while on the grass

                        Gather up all that is lost and bring it to me

                                         Be replenished

                                        Gather lightness

                                    and move from dark to light


                                   Know that you changed my life

                                                                                                              Caroline Inckle


Masters Degree Show 
1-7 Sept 2017

This body of work is a continuation of my interest in the physical and non-physical. Predominantly I worked in the Flow country near Caithness liking its materiality and expansiveness. Initially my field research involved walking in the landscape, using the body as a tool for measuring time and space, making 'marks' on rolls of paper. This lead to unconscious drawing of perceived landscapes through sound, meditation and memory.

I was particularly interested in small eroded areas within the peat landscape.These depressions were either filled with water or slightly marshy holes. It brought to mind the idea of the landscape as a container holding history, myth and memory. In an abstract way I equated this to the feminine as a potential container of life. The white plaster imprints are an exploration of this notion.

Untitled digital collage Installation 274x230cm

'Walking the Landscape' Digital collage 152x112cm 

Untitled 3 plaster vessels 86x80, 96x66, and 59x54cms Wall drawing 652x35cm

Untitled peat vessel 10x10cm

Still image from 'Lichen Woman' Film 2.14mins loop

Be Still no. 1 Installation 100 x 100 cm Birch leaf © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

Be still no. 2 Installation 100 x 100cm Birch bark © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

Be Still no. 3 Digital print 100x100cm of an installation original size 150cm x 150cm Birch twig , paint. © Lyndsay Hyslop 2013 and 2014

Be Still series All three pieces together.

The dream Film , © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

Bhudhara Installation 40 x 300cm flour, soil. © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

The Dreamer 1 Giclee print 13 x 13 cm © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

The Dreamer 2 Giclee print 13 x 13 cm © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

The Dreamer 3 Giclee Print 13 x 13 cm © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

The Dreamer series of prints

RSA : New Contemporaries Show


15th Feb - 12th March 2014

Lyndsay Hyslop demonstrates the facility to imaginatively re-contextualise materials, her practice expresses a sense of transformation. There is an oscillation between the material and the immaterial at work in Hyslop's pieces, from the ethereality of Exhale No. 2, to her more earth bound photographs. In Exhale No.2 she effectively paints with soil and flour, creating a subtle tonal graduation from dark to light, a gradual dematerialisation from the heavy, organic soil to the lightweight powder. Exhale No.2 invites the viewer to breathe out and leave the body behind. The beautifully crafted birch ladder offers a route to a lightness of being that could be described as transcendent, breath lifting us from its apex to the light.

A series of black and white photographs acts as a counterpoint to the ethereal lightness of Exhale No.2 , these images show the female form transformed into trees and firmly rooted to the spot. Hyslop's photographic images go in search of the elusive trace of the female in nature; she is expressed in bark and timber, moss and leaves. The female form is metamorphosed into wood and these uncanny images of tree-women recall the ancient myths of Myrrha and Daphne, transformed into trees as a redemptive gesture by the gods. The photographs play subtly with ideas of a flight into nature alongside the sense that the natural world is animated by a female divine. The immaterial is embodied, bound in matter (materia), which carries in its etymology both mother and timber, tellingly it was the tree body of Myrrha which gave rise to Adonis. So, however beautiful these images are, they are also tinged with sadness since they convey natural forms which are haunted by the female spirit forever trapped in wood, creaking in the forest as the wind blows.

Transcript by Dr.Gina Wall Curriculum Leader for Moray School of Art. Taken from Exhibition catalogue.


View of 5 framed glicee photographic images 29cmx29cm (52x52cm framed). © Lyndsay Hyslop

Exhale No:2 Installation

Birch, Flour and Soil 18ft high 4.5m diam © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

All RSA photographs taken by Chris Parks photography.




 Degree Show 

June 2013 Moray School of Art


Body of work included 2 installations, 3 bowls, 2 handmade books, and 3 photographic prints.

By using nature as a substitute for myself I am taken from a constructed idea of who I am into a more expansive one.

By using the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi's self enquiry and Ovid's epic poem 'Metamorphoses' throughout as a means of introspection. By asking 'Who am I?' and relating to Apollo's pursuit of Daphne or Myrrhs shame the work has evolved.  

            Her bones did into timber turn,whereof the marrow was 

            The pith,and into waterish sap the blood

            of her did pass.

            Her arms were turned to greater boughs, her

            fingers into twig;

            Her skin was hardened into bark.



Installation 8ft Birch ladder flour and soil. © Lyndsay Hyslop 2013

Letting go

Installation 25ft high sticks © Lyndsay Hyslop 2013


One of three bowls, tissue paper flour and soil, 10cm diameter. © Lyndsay Hyslop 2013

Arborial Exchanges

2 Handmade books © Lyndsay Hyslop 2013

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>


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Bhudhara Installation 40 x 300cm flour, soil. © Lyndsay Hyslop 2014

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